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Related article: Date : Wed, February 13, 2010 11 50 -0500 52nd From: bldhrymn aol. com Subject : Bronco Bruce and the casting couch 3 Bronco Bruce and the casting couch 3 hairy bald man This is the story of the men gay and gay sex. If you do not like NO n to read. You have been warned. It is intended for adults to read, not for n minors. It's a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to show safe sex practices have been made. If you have a comment please send an email to bldhrymn yahoo. com or aol bldhrymn. com. It is clear that Alladono believes the family, the family that stayed together to play together. I saw Joe at the head of the family, but was surprised to when I joined them. He joined us and we all went to the corner full of cushions. Vince was playing with my ass hole as she sucked George from the tap. Mario joined him and took out a substantive discussion, as I finger fucked and sucked. Joe asked me if I was a good time. I said yes, but a little bigger in my ass would be nice. I expectedJoe to take the track. Instead, he told Vince to suit me. Vince was a heavy for leaks, I did not need lubrication. Vince took the time, and it fits well. Vince also had a short circuit and quickly shot a load in my ass. When he took joined George. George was bigger than Vince. It was harder to bear, but it was good for me ass. He came and added to his load of cum on Vince. Joe was greater than either now hard rock. He stood at the plate. He spread my great the legs and pushed them back, so my hole was helpless. with a push hard he was inside me. laboriously me at first, and it took a while for use to obtain the thick bar in my rectum. It did not hurt, it's uncomfortable for me. I shrugged my ass in the adjust the location. Joe took no more than two inches pushed return. My cock was soft, half-board when it crashed I n the first time, but full of as Joe began pumping. I was still a little out of it. I was confused and could not explain, I feelings. My prostate and penis LOVed, and I mean ones. where is the cock of s, followed by the rest of the male body. I could have been , but Joe was responsible. He had a big Preteen Art Models cock. I could feel moving to my ​​ass. He is only partially pull out and rub my prostate with his gland. It was wonderful. Joe was a jerk, but a fucking good. No delicate at all, but it was not difficult. " I think he needs a break," said Salvatore. "It looks a little tired. " Joe pulled slowly. I was tired, but I was disappointed and empty. Joe , but have not noticed. He turned back at me from the back n. "I can leave it on ?" 'I asked. " Hell, yes!" I replied that I was tired, woke up in my ass cock still me. I moved my ass. Joe had small pulsing movements. "The kids have " a good work in you, "said Joe. " I'm allergic to work well for most lubricants, , but cum. She turned and fired their heavy loads. even I'm in, I ooze enough to lubricate things. " " Did you just cum in her familymind? I realized I did not pay a red dog contribution. " " Most of them work better. "He said. " You have to good. Some guys are a bunch of in production ever fucked. " " were fine. That was fine, "he said. " If Red Dog was the third in the ass, which would have been good too, not it? "I asked. I do not want anything to offend him, you might say. The laughed. " You have been fucked by three guys and you are still thinking of another from the tap. This is the kind of guy I like. You are an Energizer Bunny. " had caught the rhythm of his pulse, and I was in love with him again and again. went to a benefit. I had to use more, his cock now, but as I pumped , which began to lose again. I was 170 pounds react to sex toys, only to their needs. could do nothing but respond to and enjoy. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, he said. their ejaculations are so strong I could feel that tickled my rectum. I was lost. Joe left. was alone for a while and then Mario Red Dog came and sat wiª me. "It's a good show," said Mario. "You feel empty, right? I turned around and my legs could take me as Red Dog. Mario straddled my face and sucked me as I sucked. It was nice and relaxing. Red Dog massages in the ass. from time to time would throw , and Mario will suck. Vince, George and Joe had shot in my hole n Mario and licked it up. started shooting. When Red was the dog, who had three hits, then shot his load inside me. the day was done, and everybody was happy. as we drove home we speak. "Bruce you're a miracle. It takes a lot to convince that group, and you have to meet more of their needs, "said Billy s". She loved you so much that I have all your leftovers. That inspired it. " " I'm tired, "he said. " The natural after what we've done, "said Billy. They are usually a little rough and dryer. " S Are why I came along. I'm good and hard. You domesticated animals! " " I guess people like to be in peopleto play. " " It is a strange story. Joe wants to meet again in the steam baths in New York. Naked men can not hide guns or other weapons. In the steam that met people with different interests and Joe finally took a turn " Billy said. " They found it was fun. Joe has a wife back in Long Iceland , but it's better if he stays out. His wife is a great time celebrities, and does not mean that Joe wandering around the country club. " " Joe is a good Catholic in his way, and he promised his wife he never have fun with other women. He has fulfilled his promise. He can play people and not brake that promise. " " You mean it is right now? "I asked. " I doubt it, but I never tell. I think he and his friends as a man play too much to be straight. However, a woman from Iceland and the pool Long Cleaning is an almost perfect load for them. Everyone is a Happy Camper. " " It was very intense, " said He. " I'm not sure I could do that frequently. " " I do not want to hurt meur feelings, but you're a natural. You can not be secure today, but tomorrow will be fine and ready to do over again, " said Billy. To my great surprise, he was right. the next two days I was free, so I rested. Mark has me on a solo work, a house in Pasadena. I was in Los Angeles for as several months, but is a great city, one that never had been there. I was a time could to drive. the house was built on a plot of land covered in a valley. it looked as if elegant at once, but it was not covered to say what is called the door and an older man replied. the interior was very nice, if not modern. the man took me to a small pool in an area that was almost like the jungle. was very nice, but expect long as Tarzan in bushes. the owner of Rex and Ludlam. the name of a line bell, a bell, but very small in my memory. the pool was in order, I gave detailed instructions for cutting and trimming overgrown bushes. wearing a see through a beater wifed my ​​pants lightweight athletic mesh. Ludlum did not seem to notice. I pruning well and had a large garbage bag and usually clean. After an hour Ludlum went to see, like me, and was satisfied. "You did a good job," he said, " I do not like a disaster. " He was sweaty n and clothes stuck to me. "Why do not you Preteen Art Models take off your shirt," said suggested : ". It's hot today" and added: "I do not care if swimming to swim naked in the rule.. " \\ \\ n "no problem " I said. " I like to view. " " Be my guest " he said. He entered the house. I undressed. Ludlum s again a few minutes later wearing a robe. He got into the pool and I continued work on the bushes. " Does the party early? " Someone shouted. I turned around and saw the man bear, star of children's nature, he loved 15 years ago. I think I actually saw the representatives, but if a six, , everything is new. He was heavier and black hair was mostly white, but s was definitely him. He was naked and hairy onlyas I remembered. " Bear Man " I exclaimed. "Damn, I love the fans, especially fans naked! " that reminded me of the Rex. He was an enemy of man bear, the mayor of a city apprehensive nn ear Bearman beloved Bears, who had always tried to make it disappear a zoo. " Mike, this is the new pool boy," said Rex. Bear man had been forgotten name Mike West. Mike leaned over and kissed the bald head Rex, and then came to me. "What is your name?" He asked as he stroked my testicles. "You have a good a. " I said it was Bronco Bruce. I get no light, so that was filled to build now. "It says something about me, all you can ride a hard tail ? " You have guessed my secret, " he said. He pushed a belly laugh and said, me come and hose the pool was. There is a shower next to the pool of. I rinsed. "Rex here like things tidy," said Mike. " loves to watch Preteen Art Models and really like to see how to proceed with a hot guy Preteen Art Models like you. Do problem with it? " " Of course not ! "I replied. Mike leaned close to me. N "Rex is also dripping semen on their concerns terrace. Take ? " "No problem, even with this. " I replied. Mike knelt and began to suck. I sucked the following. It was a fur ball and I in the first asked if he ever had a cock in his hairy legs. I had the opportunity of a compact only the head and the balls, they were. Mike has a telescopic key. that emerge3d shape of the bush in stages. I suspected that was a way of Lolly Pop member, but was more like a fire, if the top of the plug connector enormous. It was a solid six inches, but it seemed shorter because it was too thick. His balls were large and productive. It was during my tongue licking the third or the fourth time, the rim of his knob issued when the juices started to stream. Soon we were in the juices of the cock of 69 trading position. he liked to cock infiltrate as much as I did. Mike liked my balls, and his tongue was the movement in the direction of my hole. As I had not realized before. Where the language, soon followed by the cock. I w nbecause Mike, but I turned around, so I was on my back. Raised open my legs so my ass could be seen. "Bronco is a good guy, I think you need to massage a great ass. " "How can you say that ? You're too big for him," said Rex. "You will remove open. Watch the very nice ass. It's so small and cute compared n to get some of the boys in pool with us. " " seems, is as clean and beautiful hole is ready for fun. I'm n is, "said Mike. I soon realized that was all the drama. Mike liked real s of sex and fucking hot. Rex as oral sex. He was of the conversation. Mike touched his ass. " Remove the lubricant. I will bold," he said. Rex produces a tube of lubricant. Mike and Mike spotted Rex lubricated my cock ass. "He is near, " said Mike as his thick fingers scanned my ass. "I'm going to a little extra lubricant. " N "This is dirty! " Rex said. He sounded surprised. Mike position his cock into my hole and pushed. His huge cock was presented on the dark side in my sphingosineCTER. The idea that on television Bearman me must be loosened ass. He slipped into a deep and it was wonderful, an adjustment perfect. He moved. "Look at my tail. 's All hair and clean as a whistle," said Mike. "Look at his lips kiss my ass button, Preteen Art Models push it in" is his second visit tail in the ass better than the first. He gave me a blower can only fuck with monster head through the sphincter. "Are you sure that you are not doing harm? " Rex asked. " Just look at his hard rod! " Said Mike as he struck me deeply. "The n is the way Rex. The team is starting to drool. I bet I could help Bronco out there. " Rex was half hard and drooling. He straddled my face so I could lick it. " My balls are filled with man full of seeds. I am the deep reservoir Bronco man pussy. Bet your so full. Do you remember when we played Billy? He threw his six seed feet in the air and landed on some of the pool ". n "I wanted to get into the pool for a week," said Rex. " II'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that Bronco is a good pop as well. Billy 's younger than he can give back, "said Mike. " You know, s what to do. Are you ready? How far can you shoot Bronco? "N " I do not really know, but I have beaten the roof again, "he said. " look Rex. Bronco was a puddle of juice man s in the navel, "Mike can be observed. To my surprise, leaned over and licked he Rex. Mike made ​​a comment about what did and what sense. that loved the way my ass grabbed their tools. also gave a detailed account of the n to what I feel. After about 10 minutes, complained : "I shoot! " Rex leaned over and swallowed my cock. I'm not sure he did not know. I shot my cum all in her throat. Mike seemed fine and had a very vocal orgasm n. Rex milked every last drop of semen from my cock. When Mike pulled out a silver tube inserted it into my hole left. a the same diameter as the tail. "Rex, come here and give alooking for, " said Mike ". Bronco is within so pretty and pink, as he is out. "Saw Rex. " It's on the inside juicy. " " Can you see my seed inside the man when Broncoetta Bronco, all the seeds of to go for the gold, for now. "Said Mike. " Since my man all the n is small tadpoles are alone. They have some of my best friend n Seed hold to be happy. "One or two seconds later, Rex shot his climax and sperm in my ​​hole. Mike took the hose and was sealed in my ass. Rex muttered something tired and left. \\ \\ n "Rex has insomnia problem. A good orgasm is cured, but it's going to sleep for five or six hours, "said Mike," You are very good. I might go so far as to say you're better than everyone else with the possible exception of Billy. I hope you liked it. Rex is the only one who really likes. " " It was a bit strange, but not bad at all. "He said he " If you have the time and is difficult to recover, I am inspired and would love to have you plug me. "Mike sain d. "I am old, but I have the ass fixed yet. " " I would be surprised if it was not hard to get back and I would love to fuck. " I said. "Can we just played old sex without the game? " "no problem " he replied. We talked and caressed each other with about half an hour and then fucked me. Her ass was firm and attractive. I Bear took a break and I assemble was. This time it was from behind, and he n enter new terrain. We swapped places again and this time he must have been the slot. Mike was moaning with pleasure and had a free hand contingencies orgasm. I pulled out and licked his semen. Rex likes things tidy. I had the impression that it was the first time fucking a guy who is better. This was not true. The first time is exciting, but stressful. The second time was less exciting and relaxing. I think my penis works better when relaxed. I think Mike to relax, so I n as good places for many. I told Mike theory, he laughed and said thatsomething that might be it. He kindly offered to take five or six times to see if it worked me. I told him a rain check would be to accept that. I had to go home, but I knew the man Bear and I met again. When I go home I had worked my ass very small because it was my sperm in my ​​ass. I created, when I thought the man cum Bear. It was in my ass and I could still feel in my mouth. It's hard to suck a guys cum and I'm not Preteen Art Models connected, as some. I wondered if he was related to me. Mark called me the next day and asked how he was. "You have much to do " n he said. " I'm fine. " I said. " He seems to like. " " To tell you the truth I'm saying a great time. I've met some good guys. " Said Mark. "I got a call from Joe Alladono. The said he wanted his regular pool boy. He said that Billy and a group good. Joe never called me personally. This morning s of receive a call from Rex. He wants you back. require clients. I was afraid that might used. " " I'm not even close to it is used. " " This is very good. Bruce, I have a question for you. When I asked a question , we can say yes or no. I'm not being nice. Do you understand that ? "I nodded. " I have some old friends in an informal organization called the Club brunch Foothill. When I say old, I'm one of the youngest members. meet once a month for brunch and sex. In general, eat a little and sucks a lot. My friend Ari and I are hosting this month. He had a beautiful place in the vicinity. I wonder if you come in? "I asked Mark. " Most kids are getting older and do so with an "added n Date ". Most of them think you died and in heaven, only to to see her naked. " " is not a nudist event ? " " 100%, we arrive at the door naked and clothed, as we go. I think Nick is s the only one who knows who will be there, " said Mark. " Billy is a sweet number of times and enjoyed it very well, but Billy has always been a good time. " " He can not come?" " Billy had with his mother 70th birthday party to go. " " Of course I will. Sounds like fun. How many men Preteen Art Models are there? " " Maybe 20 to 25 " he said. " I can afford. " " This is not for pleasure, work, "I said. " To tell you the truth, I have more money in recent weeks I've had a job in my life. I would think that in any case somebody you're a pimp ! " Mark picked me up at nine hours and we Ari House and 9:30. A Mission - style of the house was wrapped around a pool. The pool was small and had a No whirlpool - as part of it. Ari cut with Aristotle and he was very Greece. went out, big and strong, hairy as a gorilla and a cook large. I have a taste with him now. Uncut, I felt hard impressive. Mark played goalie and Ari helped me in the kitchen. Ari said that s about 30 men, so there was more food. My mother was a good cook and ran church dinner back home, so I had a little experience to help. Ari before I liked it, butnot as much as I liked. I am semi -hard. Ari likes that too, and my erection half was a good icebreaker with other men. The majority of men over Preteen Art Models 55 years, strong and many were very hairy. n All liked it. They have contributed Ari told me that mingle with the kids and to close friends. When I told my friends fanned tail, and winked to me. The men were interested in me and playful. I knew I could choose , but I thought it would be better if I share the wealth. I'm in the hot tub talked to some men, while the fingers wandered under water.
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